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Incorrect Watering Can Affect the Shoots

There’s nothing wrong to be careful when you do watering in your orchid clump. Inadequate watering can cause decay in buds. Sprouts of orchids, especially on the dendrobium group when grown will form a leaf bud that resembles a crown on the top. Buds that resemble this crown are none other than the ends of young leaves that have not opened perfectly and position the tip of the upright leaves by forming a hollow / narrow cavity in the middle,

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why orchid flower fall out?

Seeing a small bulge emerging from the body of our orchid plants may have often we experience. But it would be very happy if the little bulge had grown into a bunch of flowers with a prospective bud that lined up along the bunches of flowers. After day after day passed, the candidate grows bigger and arrived 1-2 pieces of candidates buds yellow and fall …. !! although some other candidates succeeded in maturity and bloom perfectly, but in the

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Bioinsecticides, Environmentally friendly pest control

Pest attack is one of the limiting factors for increasing agricultural production which in this case is the maintenance of orchids. To control pests are often used chemical pesticides with excessive doses. Whereas the accumulation of harmful chemical compounds can have a negative impact on environmental sustainability and human health. In the midst of the cultivation of organic farming, the efforts of safe pest control for producers / farmers and consumers and profitable farmers, a top priority. One alternative control

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The Biggest and Toughest Orchid Tree in the World

This is the heavyweight champion from the orchid world. This champion named Grammatophyllum speciosum or oftenpula touted by the name G. papuanum which is believed to be one of its variants. This plant is widespread from Sumatra, Kalimantan, Java, to Papua. Therefore, do not be surprised if many found its variants with the shape of plants and flower patterns are slightly different. In an adult grove, this plant can weigh more than 1 ton and the flower length up to

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Coconut Water Growth and Flowering Orchid

Coconut water turned out to have benefits to increase plant growth. Coconut water is often discarded by the traders in the market there is no harm for us to use as fertilizer plants. So far, coconut water is widely used in the Lab as an additional nutrient in tissue culture medium. The results showed that coconut water is rich in potassium (potassium) up to 17%. In addition to rich minerals, coconut water also contains sugar between 1.7 to 2.6% and

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