The Biggest and Toughest Orchid Tree in the World

This is the heavyweight champion from the orchid world. This champion named Grammatophyllum speciosum or oftenpula touted by the name G. papuanum which is believed to be one of its variants. This plant is widespread from Sumatra, Kalimantan, Java, to Papua. Therefore, do not be surprised if many found its variants with the shape of plants and flower patterns are slightly different. In an adult grove, this plant can weigh more than 1 ton and the flower length up to 3 meters with a panicle diameter of about 1.5-2 cm. That’s why the flower buds can support dozens of flowers diameter 7-10 cm. From the pattern of flowers … local residents often dubbed it as orchid tiger … but this title is often confused with its relative, Grammatophyllum scriptum that has a similar pattern. Therefore, this orchid is also popular as the orchid of sugar cane, because the figure of the stem of the plant that resembles a trunk of sugar cane. Although the spread is quite extensive … this orchid faces serious threats from uncontrolled hunting and habitat destruction. The very large figure of the tree is easily visible to the hunters, especially when raising the flower is striking. Not to mention the natural breeding in the habitat with seeds is very difficult to be relied upon because of the slow rate of growth from the seed phase to reach the mature plants ready to bloom. Perhaps this is the reason why these orchids become one of the protected orchid species.

As an orchid lover, definitely this orchid will be one of the “most wanted” in the collection list. For wild hunting of these orchids in their habitats to be controlled, vegetative and generative cultivation measures should be immediately empowered. Moreover, this famous orchid is very easy to grow shoots from cuttings bulbnya. At least, by cultivating vegetatively or buying orchid seeds from vegetative propagation (buds from bulb cuttings) can be an effort to preserve the natural orchids of Indonesia.

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